Friday, 19 October 2012

Your Dungeons As You Like Them -Vos Donjons Comme Vous Le Voulez - EC / Old School Dungeons

Vos Donjons Comme Vous Le Voulez
downloadable printable plans on DTRPG
Eric Chaussin of Old School Dungeons (my earlier post on EC's work) has managed to woo me again with another 1980's style release.    

Vos Donjons Comme Vous Le Voulez "Your dungeons -as you like them" is an 11 page dungeon accessory pack which seems deceptively small considering its many applications. I thought at first that the pages 1-5 were A4/letter size battlemats, but no, EC is going back to the early days of trim-to-fit floor plans - much easier when you're not using walls - basically the "black spaces" between the cut-out shapes become the walls - as is the way of the old Dungeon Floorplans and some modern irregular tiles.  Included as well as these flagstone designs are stairs, doorways, beds, a table and chest (the furniture is 3D).  Eric has had considerable experience in drawing fantasy heroes, so it comes as no surprise that he also includes 11 flat-foldable back-to-back minis on simple circular bases.

Thumbnails of the pages in the Vos Donjons... PDF
I've included a screenshot thumbnail of the pages here because I believe his description doesn't do the product full justice (hopefully he'll be fine with this!).

The price may seem a little high ($10.40 as I type), but if you're a fan of MB HeroQuest game boards, Warhammer Quest and DungeonBowl then you will appreciate where Eric Chaussin is coming from with his one-size fits all "Old School Dungeons".  The graphic work is bold and slick, also it looks relatively easy to assemble.  This is a perfect basic starter pack for use with a straightforward dungeon setting.

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