Sunday, 7 October 2012

We Likes Free: Dungeonslayers full rules and Savage Insider 6

I appear to have a stack of draft posts filled with strange mumbling and rantings.  Trains (train wrecks) of thought about games and adverts which are probably best left in the draft folder for now.  But here's a couple free-to-download products which you may have missed recently...

Dungeonslayers rules are free to download
Man, those guys are really going for it!
I could be wrong but I think that the last time I saw the Dungeonslayers main rules they were in German only (?) but this definitely looks like English, unless I've swallowed a Babel Fish again.... 

Quickly looking through, it's definitely my kind of pick up and play system.  Dice and stat wise it probably sits somewhere on a graph between the old HeroQuest board game and D&D - perhaps comparable with QUERPS or Advanced Fighting Fighting where there's a simple core system plus skills and spells.

Design-wise, the stat symbol packed blocks look modern and easy to read - much like drawing an encounter card in a board game - it's quick reference for fast play.

It was Kelly Davis who recently drew my attention back to Dungeonslayers.  He lured me in, my saying that my own tile designs would work well with the Dungeonslayer maps - and he is right!  The designers of Dungeonslayers are fond of the blocky five foot thick walls between rooms - proper solid, no messing, dug out and flagged corridors.  I feel I'm in good company here.

Interestingly, the blurb isn't peddling that stereotype of older gaming, where having simple rules means a lack of characterisation or narrative 
The rules of Dungeonslayers were designed to be very basic and simple on purpose, to bring the charming flair of old-school gaming back to life. ...
 ...  Despite the rules’ lack of details or possibly because of this, player characters tend to evolve into highly individual personalities.
Yes!  Thank you, Mr Kennig, you sing my kind of song :) 

The rules are free to download, and yummy sounding pocket sized print version is also available to buy.
Downloads -Dungeonslayers main rules, adventures, etc
Rules in 6"x9" book form available to buy from Chronicle City (£16.99GBP, $24.99USD)

Savage Insider 6 "Holidays and Havoc"
Free or
Donate a Dollar
Well it wouldn't be Halloween without someone sticking a skull on the cover - no, wait, in RPG Land the undead roam all year around! 
At the moment all of the Savage Insider magazines are free to download, with SI-Premium magazines being downloaded for a price, but there is also a donation-purchase option and I'm curious to see how that turns out.  Basically you can buy Issue 6 for a dollar or download it for free.  To older eyes this reads like madness!  But in this kickstarter, open source donate by paypal, post-shareware, send me a postcard, Interweb community barter world, it's just another little option where you can share the love with MTE for their high quality magazine product - and believe me, as freebie-to-$1 products go, if you're a Savage Worlds player and into a hint of horror, this stuff is priceless (and naturally, a lot of the content can be "mined" for other systems)

Thanks for reading, and ...

Laters! Bb.

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