Sunday, 14 October 2012

20% off Books and eBooks at Lulu in October

Wow.  I'm really rubbish at this.  When I started this blog I wanted it to be bristling and busting with money off coupons.  I would at least be posting LULU's monthly deals - at the very start of the month.  So here we go... half way through October... nearly Halloween and all that, two paydays until Christmas and so forth...

Books & eBooks from 20% off- Enter code
- Save up to $25

That's like a whole fifth off!  Huzzah!  No, really, I get impressed by these things.
The code seemed to work for me earlier (in the UK) so I don't think it's limited to US customers only.

Most RPG and solo game stuff can usually be found in the Games section on Lulu.
(One day I'll give in to my id and buy myself a copy of old school GamaWorld styled Mutant Future.)

Remember, the world economy needs your money!



  1. You don't have Mutant Future YET?!? OK, here's the deal. You go pick up a copy right now, drop me an email, and I'll send you a hardcopy version of my Deviant Database for FREE.

    1. Wow. That's an offer a collector old style RPGs can not refuse! I'm hoping me being in the UK isn't a problem?
      Of course if I buy a copy now, my partner will insist upon it being a Christmas present, but then I won't be allowed to play with it until then... dilemmas! :D

  2. Shipping to the UK ain't a problem. The offer stands.