Monday, 29 October 2012

Happy Halloween

I seem to have been a bit distracted of late, as per usual.  I've been watching Reaper, dabbling in under-cartography, becoming addicted to Instagram (but why? I'm a Deviant Art survivor, I'm better than this, surely...? Nope.)  But it's Halloween!  That time of year where we can cross-dress before all perverts are thrown out on All Saints Day - or is that just me?   Dig out those plastic skulls, play a tabletop game by candlelight and try not to eat all of the trick or treat chocolate, in case someone firebombs your house. Around here, due to Diwali and Bonfire Night coming up, the kids are generally armed with dodgy fireworks.  Ah, kids, eh?

Apparently there's some pumpkin surprises lurking on the OneBookShelf sites, plus the odd Halloween themed sale.  I can't find any special Lulu codes tonight apart from October's OCTBOOKS12 (see earlier entry) but I guess 20% off doesn't need painting in glow in the dark green.

Hey look, I've tacked up some banners, and I'll flash the lights a few times, what more fun can we have? :)

And remember, that when adopting an undead companion, they aren't just for Halloween, they're for life!  No, wait... I mean the rest of the year... undead ... for life!  Hmm, there's definitely a joke in there.  If only I could resurrect it...

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