Monday, 8 October 2012

Old School Dungeon Tiles by Eric Chaussin

Eric Chaussin, better known for his dramatic character art, has been wowing us all on Facebook recently with his new dungeon floorplan designs.  Eric draws by hand - but I believe it must be straight to tablet - he is able create unique details which bring so much more to battle mats or tiles than would standard textures or vectors.  His doorways alone are a delight to behold.

E.C.'s Old School Dungeons Tiles and Geomorphic Tiles are now available to download through RPGdrivethru and other OneBookShelf sites

By "Geomorphic..." I believe Eric just means square tiles which fit together - as opposed to the 10x10squares small scale geomorphs which usually have multiple exits.

E.C. is certainly a designer to keep watching, and I must confess that I am a little jealous at the speed at which he's brought his first three packs out!

Old School Dungeons / E.C.'s store on DTRPG

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