Wednesday, 3 October 2012

DriveThru CARDS!

This just in.  A new store...

So far I've been mainly looking at  places like Game Crafter for fantasy game publishers to produce small run card based games.  The Onebookshelf company is now offering this new print on demand service - starting with poker sized cards, but more with formats to follow.  A noteworthy feature is a randomisation facility for publishers selling sealed "booster" or expansion packs.  In principle I always thought that collectable random contents (as with Magic, Pokemon et al) was a pretty evil practice, but it'll be a perfect facility for some CCG designers. :)  Personally, I hope that OBS will eventually offer square card formats - partly for my obsessions with tiles. :)  

As I type this, there's no products on there yet, but I'm betting you'll see an influx of indie games, and maybe a few old classics.  A brave new world, my friends. 


  1. It's like they're reading my fragile little mind...

    Starting last week, and hopefully first set ready for play test early next week, I've been designing my own card game. I had no idea such a think existed to get it out to people, but I will be taking a closer look at this once the months of play test and redesign are out of the way. Good catch, and thanks.

    1. People say a lot of good things about Game Crafter too. Certainly is a nice alternative selling printer killing high colour PDFs. :) Good luck with the new design. Keep me posted. :)

  2. I can`t get what you are actually talking about can you elaborate it more...