Tuesday, 2 February 2016

$20 Product Bundle for $100+ value 30 RPG/tabletop titles (for CARE Syrian Refugees)

$20 (USD) for $110+ in printable accessories
Hosted by Brave Adventures
Profits will go to CARE with the intention of aiding refugees fleeing the Syrian civil war.
I'm boosting this one up to eleven.  The Canadian government has pledged to match all donations made to registered Canadian charities with relief efforts for Syrian refugees until February 29th, 2016.  Seven publishers who specialise in paper vehicles, scenery and printable minis, from around the world, have donated over 30 products to this bargain bundle hosted by Brave Adventures  (up until 29th February 2016 - provisional date in line with the Canadian Govt. deadline).  Some of my own Inked Adventures titles are included here, and it's always an honour to be listed with other talented artists and innovative indie tabletop publishers.  Not only is this an important and immediate cause but it also is a damn fine bargain of a bundle.  Below are the cover graphics for the titles - visit the bundle page for full descriptions. Thanks. :)