Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Running out of 2013 and still addicted to RPG reblogging on Tumblr

Aargh.  I'm never finding the time to post anything articulate in the blog at the moment, but somehow I'm holding down a roleplaying games Tumblr addiction on an almost daily basis. This might be something to do with short term lifestyle changes which mean that I'm running most things from an iPad and not a proper PC.  I know, I know... the seduction of gadgets ... need to get to a grown-up workstation. ;)

For RPG randomness please check out the Adventures and Shopping Tumblr 

I also post to my Inked Adventures Tumblr account products-in-progress and customer photos.

Sometimes I post role-playery stuff to Instagram as well...

My Instagram account has this sort of thing plus photos of my partner's cat, maps and some doodles. 

Are the American festivals of thank-yous-and-turkey-giving over yet?  This year has been a blur.  Did I miss a Blackened Monday? This UK blogger is open to all festivals and religions if it leads to cheaper RPG accessories. :) (Diwali and Eid were very dissapointing in that respect, pfft.)

 Don't miss out on any holiday sales on the One Bookshelf sites: (DTRPG sales pages)

Also don't forget to check out any of the Hurricane Relief bundles on the DriveThru and RPGNow sites.      

If I don't post anything new here before Christmas, here's wishing you everything you can fleece Santa for, Good Will and all that. 

Peace and Dice!  Spend unwisely! Collect everything!

Billiam Babble, 
December, 20-something -too-early in the century to remember all that timey-wimey stuff.