Friday, 19 October 2012

Tomb of Horrors 4e DnD - an almost random purchase

Since I've started posting on Instagram, Tumblr and playing about on an iPad with a camera you may find that from time to time I might be posting oddly filtered - perhaps pretentiously angled, high contrast photographs of RPGs ...

The story behind this one is that it was an almost random purchase from a newly relocated local comic store - who had a tiny number of RPG books.  I say "almost random" because it's hard to be truly random when the shelf selection is about 6 books (two of the thinner DnD3 books "Complete..." warrior/cleric/adventurer etc, an Etherscope settings guide, Vampire the Masquerade, a Dark Heresy campaign guide and the above purchase).  Again, I find it difficult to defend the cause of the "bricks n mortar" shops locally, and yet I still feel obliged to vote with my wallet, in the hope that they might renew or expand their stock of RPGs.  Despite my being afraid of collecting Magic et al CCGs, I may have to start buying some packs just so that I get to play someone locally at something other the WH40K - because that's what appears to happen in this comic shop - they have "gaming nights", but it's mainly collectable card games from what I can tell ....

Although I doubt I’ll ever play this version of the PC-mashing Tomb of Horrors using 4e rules, it’ll be fun to compare it to the original AD&D module. The art is very colourful and fine. The question is... do I unfold and tear out the perforated colour battlemat on the inside of the back cover...?

Some of the text makes me giggle:  "Held within an extradimensional space of pure necrotic essence, this fortress served as the site of Acererak’s planned divine apotheosis -a process by which the mastery of undeath would grant him god-like power." p42

As you do. 

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