Sunday, 7 April 2013

20% off RPGs on in April 2013

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I've just tested this code and it doesn't work in the UK/GB Lulu site - but it's fine for the US store (my advertisers' account mainly provides me with US site codes).

Here's a sample of some of my favourite old school style games /RPG-clones available from
Swords & Wizardry WhiteBox Rules- the spirit of OD&D is alive and well in this fast play simple, complete system.  Basic Fantasy RPG (B/X clone with rule-fixes) and test your expert play with Monkey Isle.  Mix up a little Labyrinth Lord with Gamma World by playing Mutant Future and boost the mutated monster hoard with Tim Snyder's Deviant Database.  If you like mutants and the older gaming style why not purchase (the slightly tweaked text) of TSR's 1976 game Metamorphosis Alpha?  Again, I simply must recommend the pocket-sized fast-play sci-fi pulp classic: Tales of the Space Princess (which I haven't played yet, but one day, one day!).

Slick black and white hand drawn dungeon maps: Dyson's Delves. !

I loves print-on-demand rulebooks.  It's the future, don't ya know? ;)

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Army of Darkness RPG for $10

242 glossy PDF pages of the bizarre and entertaining...

Reduced from $40 (possibly the actual dead-tree book price) to $10, this a good-value good looking all-in-one game.

Army of Darkness Roleplaying Game - Unisystem - Eden Studios
$10 on DTRPG.

(Product page on Eden Studios site)

Utterly mental.