Friday, 6 May 2011

Weird West (Robertson Games)

I'm such a sucker for these simple game mechanics, bargain games.
Rated number 2 in the top 100 Hottest Small Press on DriveThruRPG for a dollar, I just had to check out the Weird West Roleplaying Game Basic Rulebook.

A tiny rulebook. Wonderfully simple and succinct. Uses poly dice (hurrah for polys!).

The setting implies Wild West meets Lord-knows-what (Plate mail is listed?!). It could easily be used for all sorts of pulp settings. I'm suddenly thinking of Space 1889, steampunk, Rifts, Cthulhu. With rules this simple, the gates of the imagination are bust wide open for some serious role-playing, or alternatively a string of fast play encounters?

I suspect the author may have something more planned, this feels like a "taster". Well worth the dollar - a shiny silver dollar. The potential is huge. (Ignore this comment if the Robertson Games range is well stocked when you read this)

Nice touch: printable micro-book with instructions. Reminds me of novelty small boxed games from Steve Jackson Games in the late 80s.

Check out the author's blog, - the most recent post, as I type, includes conversion notes from Swords & Wizardry to Weird West - are you thinking what I'm thinking? Basic D&D monsters in Wild West! Blam, blam... ROAR! etc.

Cool cover as well. ;) Go, on. You know you're curious. ;)


  1. I like what Stuart has offered with Weird West. It reflects my own microgame leanings of late. This game is well worth a buck. I am just hoping the "Basic" in the title is a hint that and advanced version of the game is on the horizon.

  2. I find these mini games fascinating. They remind me a lunchtimes and breaktimes at school where you only have 20 minutes to play out an encounter. (Great stuff on your blog btw!)