Thursday, 26 May 2011

UK Games Expo June 2011

I think I've dropped the ball on this one. I must have read about this Games Expo (which is relatively local to me) and gone into a type of denial.    Because I'm not playing regularly at the moment and I'm not up on the absolutely latest products I feel that attending expos might be a relatively alienating experience, when presented with rows of wargames tables and especially if cash is short as well, but I my cynicism has been proved wrong before.  I just need to work up to these things.  Oh-God-don't-make-me-leave-the-bunker.  Maybe 2012.  Perhaps in 2015 I'll have a stand there with Inked Adventures products!  :)   Yes, it's all about ME really, mwhahahaha.

A weekend of freebies, game demonstrations, company stands, special events, some family fun as well.  There's something in the literature to do with things happening in different zones so you might need a special pass.  Yadda-yadda.  You'll probably get tasered if you stray into the wrong areas, tasered by corporate security men in "Here to Help" T-shirts. There's some Star Wars and Zombie dressing-up in this one too (should I blame the US or Japan first when it comes to Cosplay? ;) )

Prebookings appear closed but tunring up on the door for tickets seems acceptable too. If you're turned away you can always go shopping in Birmingham :) - there just has to be a few games shops there (there used to be) ... I'll resist posting tourist information on behalf of the West Midlands.  Birmingham centre is nice now.  The post-apocalyptic rumours have been quashed, new life and sculptures reside there now.

UK Games Expo 2011 Site

Entrance Fees

I'll be the one in the clone-trooper gear carrying WarMachine and Muchkin boxed sets (no, really ...) ;)  Okay, okay, I'll be the lost jawa, looking for the Tunnels & Trolls table... ... wha-?  No T&T?

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