Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Chronicles of Arax range update

A very quick look again at the Chronicles of Arax modular solo adventuring range (on DriveThru) which is expanding faster than the kid at the end of Akira, whilst still costing less than a bus trip to your nearest centre of civilisation (only one shiny dollar each -if not free).
I've broken them down into groups.

Basic Rules + character + adventure (Free!)

All you need to get started.
Character Sheet is separate download.
See my worshipful review "Drunk Goblins" here.


- A selection of foolhardy adventurers for you to guide
(all with level development rules ... if they survive...)


- well structured random encounter based adventures

Expanded Rules and Background

No doubt Crystal Star Games will be adding more adventure quests and characters as the minutes tick by, so keep watching them and keep your weapon dice handy.

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