Saturday, 7 May 2011

Shopping and weekend reading

Just a quick post. I really really must get on with drawing those tomb's pack dungeon sections. Lord knows what it's like for people actually planning whole campaigns. ;)

Dynamic Dungeons
Rathbone Games
Dungeon Doors
(photo from site)
...on Ebay, as a matter of fact, but not for old collectables, but for cheap scenery solutions.

For 99p ($1.60 USDappx) plus postage one can purchase 5 respectable laser etched MDF dungeon doors with bases suitable for use with 25-30mm miniatures.  I'm thinking about painting mine with a very light colour wash - I bought 10.  They're probably ideal for use with a battle-mat or printed plans to provide that extra 3D element.  A random bargain.  They also sell a selection on MDF bases for figures - hexagons, squares etc and a massive dice rolling tower.  Most curious.  :) 
Rathbone Games Dynamic Dungeons
Ebay Store:

Adventures ...
This weekend I plan to be dipping in and out of :
D-Jumpers #1

Well written, system-less
story lines, from
D-VOID Systems.
Immersive, engrossing.

The Mutant Epoch

Only the game
Gamma World
should have become!
I might have a go
at rolling up some


A special comp copy
of gorgeous looking
Lovecraftian style
Traveller setting
Cthonian Stars
by Wildfire
- spotted recently
in the dark sky
by Armchair Gamer
So if I disappear into an Astral Gate, with nothing but panicked mumblings left on a datapad and a map of the subway etched onto a coke can, don't come looking for me.  It's already too late.

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