Friday, 27 May 2011

How do they get those mugs through the printer?

 I seriously need a manager! It's the middle of the night (UK its-dark GMT time).  I've promised several people reviews.  I've promised myself and others the completion of two floor plan products.  And what am I doing?  I'm trying to fill the world with more junk, through CafePress!

Not quite satisfied with my dice mugs on Deviant Art, I have turned to CafePress (Cafepress, Cafe Press ?) , who at least mock up an actual graphic of the product (which is more than DA seem to be able to do).

My Dice Mug -Billiam Babble Inked Adventures
My Dice Mug - Flagon - Billiam Babble Inked Adventures

My art lends itself well
to baby bibs. Is this
a good thing?
The expression "sell-out" doesn't even begin to cover it... but I refuse to feel guilty unless I actually start selling. ;)  Anyhow, it's a sort of 3-D home publishing.   You have to try it at least once.  I just didn't think I'd be so taken by putting a design on a baby's bib:

Orange Dinosaur Bib - art by Billiam Babble - >>

On a more RPG related note, I've been really taken in by all of the different demonstrations of iPads and tablet computers at the gaming table, so maybe I can make the iPad look more at home amongst the dice and scenarios:

(Buy the case now,
the iPad will surely follow.)

On a more practical and affordable note, these journals come with a choice of plain, lined, "task sheet" or dotted paper.  The latter would be perfect for mapping during a gaming session.  I'm definitely ordering a few for myself.

Dice and Dungeon Map Journal -->

Okay, the prices are pretty high.  I've added mere pennies to the Cafepress base price.  The good news is that sometimes Cafepress run promotions - For example: this week the code is "SPRING2011" for a 15% reduction on prices for the next 7 days.  (Untested - might only work in one continent region)

 (Temporary working title!)

CafePress 120x60 banner
Save 15% at CafePress, coupon code: SPRING2011 
(for the next 7 days)
In June try  this:. is offering 15% Off your entire order. Plus shop early for Father's Day, it will be here soon (June 19th). This offer is valid from June 1 to June 15th. Use Coupon Code: CPJUNE

Cafepress!  - Loads of gimmicky stuff, which you can add your own designs to.

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