Saturday, 21 May 2011

The Four Ducks of the Apocalypse

Customers of Purple Duck Games have been sent this topical email:
Oh my god! I have been told that the world could be ending this weekend. That is terrible for me because I have lots of things I haven't finshed collecting (and I'm a little compulsive about collections).
If you are looking to finish your Purple Duck Games coleection before the world ends this weekend* please check out our Apocalypse Bundle which collects everything we have produced for the low, low, end of the world price of $11.62. This sale will only be available for Saturday, Sunday and Monday (or less if the world ends).
* PDG does not believe the world will end, but my mistake could result in massive savings for you.
I'd like to add that I think in the UK we didn't really hear about this Rapture thing until the very last minute, but then this place is literally sinking with squirming heathens, pagans, atheists, Goth-nihilists and all sort of confused denominations ... WHO WILL BE EATEN FIRST. I'm just glad it wasn't those pesky Mayans again. Don't you just love apocalyptic maths? ;) Anyhow, check out that bundle, it looks sweet.  Hurrah for reductions!

Edit 25.05.11
PurpleDuck Games on Facebook:
"I have retired the apocalypse bundle until the next apocalypse is nigh."
Well, it was fun while it lasted (much like the run up to an apocalypse)

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