Sunday, 29 May 2011

Free RPG Day Saturday 18th June 2011- locate a store near you!
Very quick post.  I'm living in a bit of a mail-order and PDF-only bubble at the moment.   Free RPG Day will creep upon me (haven't we just had one? no wait, that was comics, right?) and I'll probably do my bit by posting links to all the lovely free stuff on RPGDriveThru.  But I've decided to spare a thought for the high streets of bricks-and-mortar where the solid article is still king.

Somewhere near you is a real shop with friendly folk who take actual cash and give you a chance to see inside the boxes before you buy.  You may remember these places from childhood, a bit like modern supermarkets, but tiny -and the produce is inedible.

Locate a shop (or store) near you:

Too far away?  Thought so. ;)

Anyhow, there might be free stuff in those shops on Saturday 18th June - tasters, introductory games, collectables.  Oh yes, it's "free! but at what cost to you?
I'm the guy just outside that same shop with the "free" cocaine ... No, really, just a sample?  Believe me it'll more straightforward than getting into some sort of CCG-Minis-RPG-cross-over range. Heh heh.

- I was randomly alerted (reminded) to Free RPG Day by lurking around at Leisure Games

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