Friday, 20 May 2011

Lego compatible Doctor Who

At last, a version of Amy
that doesn't make you blush
and feel a little uncomfortable,
oh ... and the Doctor as well
with that time travelling
spaceship thing
The Character Builder Dr Who Micro Figures site claims that the Character Building system is "Collectable", "Constructable" and "Compatible".  What could they possibly mean?  Compatible with other building systems ... like Lego?!

I was about to say that I was only interested in procuring Daleks, but it's just occurred to my little mind that role-players who use Lego for their dungeons may find a batch of Screaming Angels indispensable as gargoyles and statues! :)
Oh dear. You blinked
and this picture took
you to Amazon

DALEKs They've been flying for a while now.
So traversing Lego-style steps should not be a problem

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