Sunday, 19 August 2012

There was a convention? ;)

I'm still waiting for this coffee to work on this muggy Sunday in the UK.  I was also up late playing with some hand made geomorphs (after a foray into Oblivion - so it must be a good weekend).

No full words were harmed in the creation of this logo.
I'm about as far away from Indy GenCon as a man can get in the world - actually not quite - I'm still in the same hemisphere.  I barely make it down to London for the stuff going on there, and to be honest my budget only just about extends to buying new stuff - although my mighty expedition into the wilds of Derby ConQuest reminded me that part of the Con experience is in fact the shopping!

Hats off to the Americans -outside of Japan they must be best at cosplay.  I blame Halloween. ;)

Just now on Facebook* I was typing that I'm am literally too short for a stormtrooper costume - and too tall to be a Jawa.  I'm unsure what would be cooler to own: a stormtrooper suit or a full suit of chainmail.  Both of which might have been been a little a warm for Indianapolis this time of year.  But where do you put your goodies bags?  This is why Biker Scouts have pouches.

*I'm Inkedadventures Billiambabble on FB btw - and Adventures and Shopping Page is here.

Apart from the cosplayers, product stalls, sometimes there's sneaky previews of what's to come, gaming celebrities (the ones who are still alive), talks and so forth.  It all sounds far too "sociable" to me - my best friends being the postman, Amazon and DriveThru/RPGNow checkout screens.

It's definitely worth looking at the blogs and feeds over the next few day as dedicated folk get back to their desktop PCs and share their opinions on new twists and turns in the industry, or just the numerous Princess Leia slave girl pics.

For us long distance Con-bystanders we've been able to follow some of the fun on Facebook...

GenCon FB page (GenCon Indy home site: ) Some pictures of games and stuff from the D6-ers amongst others.
Roleplayers Chronicle has had intrepid reporters on the ground

Watch some feeds to the of the right of this blog, especially for old-schooler opinions on the content of the talks about D&D.  For example: the official word at the Con, according to Trollsmyth is that Wizards are in no hurry to release D&D5/Next and that the playtest is expected to last two years (Wizards owe it to the stores and players of DnD4 to support that line as long as they can) - but to be honest, I don't know what to believe any more - I think the designers say what they think the community want to hear and but the marketing guys always have other ideas.  See: Trollsmyth: A Troll Goes to GenCon XLV: Part the First

Troll Lord Games / Troll Dens have been taking snaps:

Anyhow, for all of those who made it to GenCon Indy 2012, I salute you!  

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