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A Star Wars RPG by Fantasy Flight Games?

Being a DriveThruRPG fanboy I follow the posts of Sean DriveThru-Overlord Patrick Fannon on Facebook told us that he had been keeping something under his broad-rimmed hat, but now the announcement had been made at GenCon that secret was out.  The data-tapes to a new secret weapon had been stolen!  Apparently Fantasy Flight Games have been working on their own Star Wars roleplaying game.

FFG Star Wars Edge of the Empire RPG
Beta Rulebook
See article here
(image borrowed from icv2 site)
Rather liking the original WHFRPG and being very confused by FFG's version, seeing what FFG did to simple game like DungeonQuest, I shudder at the thought of what their take on Star Wars roleplaying might be.

Star Wars™: Edge of the Empire is a standalone roleplaying game experience that places players in the roles of hard-hearted bounty hunters, roguish scoundrels, charming smugglers, or fearless explorers trying to survive and thrive on the edges of civilization...and the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire beta test is your chance to be among the first to play! This limited edition, 224-page softcover rulebook provides you a chance to lead a band of explorers and help shape the fate of the galaxy!

There's a "Beta Book" of the rules currently being available for retailers, which surely means that it won't been stuffed to the nines with cards?  Or maybe you have to buy special dice.

Yes, that's it, special dice and an app ...

FFG's high production values, glossy art and numerous expansion packs, not to mention CCG type games, based on familiar franchises, usually make my attention and wallet wander elsewhere.  Most of their games look so gorgeous, but sometimes they seem so far removed from the free-flowing pen and paper RPGs, that I wonder why either type of games are part of the same industry. 

However, just a small amount of new Star Wars art might be enough for me to want to get hold of a copy at some point.  I've learn't I have a weakness, and it's YT9000 or X-wing shaped.  I'm sure it'll be a game that give everything the modern tabletop player will want from a game based in the Star Wars universe.

After all, surely FFG know what they doing by now? ;)  But, hey, it's Star Wars!!

I know you're intrigued. ;)

- FFG Star Wars Edge of Empire Beta minisite
- Article on ICv2

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