Friday, 17 August 2012

Gamebook Fabled Lands 5 - It's Out!

Fabled Lands (5)
The Court of the Hidden Faces
is now available in print on Amazon.
I saw a link on Google+ by gamebook specialist Stuart Lloyd (of Lloyd of Gamebooks) linking to Trollish Delver, who may or may not have got the news from the horse's mouth here.

The word in the blogs is that Book 5 in the Fabled Lands series, The Court of the Hidden Faces is now out on Amazon.  I will be ordering my copy immediately.  I do so hope it matches up with the other four spine-wise, since they've changed publisher.  I'm hoping it has some nice Russ Nicholson illustrations.  These books are great fun to play - especially since the map in which you can adventure expands which each book and you can cross back and forth through different territories buy playing the books simultaneously (much like  a map expansion in a computer game).  *Excited*

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