Friday, 24 August 2012

Fabled Lands now with creamier pages

This is a sort of test entry.  I'm experimenting a bit with a blogger app on the iPad and using  rubberised bluetooth keyboard and transfering photos from my phone to photobucket (because it's an iPad 1). When will this gadget nonsense cease?!  Okay, still too fiddly.  Ended up resorting to the HTML.  At least the typing is easier.

I thought I should share this.  Despite my fears that FB5 wouldn't match the other books in the series so far because of he change of printer, the good news is that the size matches exactly, and apart from a change of case on the spine the difference is that the paper is a touch creamier in shade.  This makes me happy as a collector, book-lover and gamer.  I'm especially happy that the authors have chosen to continue to provide dead-tree versions of these books.  The only problem now is that I'm daunted by the sheer breadth of this solo player campaign.  The last time I visited the Fabled Lands storms at sea made me penniless and nearly drowned me after I tried my hand at becoming a merchant - but you see, I forgot to make the appropriate offerings to the gods first... At least you're given the chance the start with 5th level character if you want to just dive into The Court of Hidden Faces immediately. :)


I bought my copy of The Fabled Lands 5 The Court of Hidden Faces from Amazon.

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