Thursday, 9 August 2012

Fabled Lands 5 nearly in (real) print

Great news!  Morris and Thompson have changed their minds on an e-book / app -only route for their long promised (since the 80s edit.- 90s) continuation of the open-(now termed "sandbox RPG") solo gamebook adventure that is Fabled Lands
Fabled Lands: Gardens of riotous foliage in the white sea-cast s...: You saw it here first. The new paperback edition of Fabled Lands 5: The Court of Hidden Faces has gone to proof stage this weekend. All b...
The sale of the printed versions (which hopefully match the other four many of us have bought recently) of Fabled Lands 5: The Court of Hidden Faces will be made possible through Amazon's Print-On-Demand Createspace service.  I'm also fairly excited about Amazon doing print-on-demand service!  Book 6 may follow soon.  I still find it hard to believe that authors and publishers will offer electronic versions of books whilst not providing purchasable dead-tree versions through a no-expenses print-on-demand sites.  I know that the prices are high and the profits are low, but if you have a large fan base who like old rulebooks (especially in the case of out of print RPGs), is it not worth a try?  After all, we'll probably purchase every different edition/format going.
In the case of authors Dave M. and Jamie T. the original list of 12 books (was it 12? - correct me if I'm wrong) is a reminder that when a series is commissioned sometimes only a handful of manuscripts have actually been written.  Titles and cover art are all that's needed (for marketing) and the rest until the text is submitted at a later date (or never at all, if the series is axed)- at least this was my, all but brief, experience with writing commissions back in the day.  So don't be surprised if the total number of titles doesn't match up to the 80's projection (imho ;) ).  Also, I get the feeling that the printed copies are only made possible because of the mobile-app versions of the games, so I really mustn't grumble too much about alternative mediums.  I like both, but I much prefer rolling the dice with a character sheet and an ink and paper book.  I also really like Russ Nicholsons art in black and white on the new pages.

Set sail for yet more adventure!

(The first four books are listed on my astore page here )


  1. To be fair, we've only been promising Fabled Lands books since the mid-90s. I know that 16 years is a long time to wait, but still not quite as far back as the '80s :-)

  2. My apologies! :) I get a bit fixated on solo gamebooks being "an 80's phenomenon" - my brain is mainly fed by cliche. ;) Thanks for commenting.