Friday, 17 August 2012

Amazon Goodies from a Galaxy Far Far Away

Rip open that cardboard! 
The Gods of Amazon are pleased with me.
The Force of wishlists and credit is with me.
Goodies from Amazon today!  Certainly worth getting out of the bath for.  No, really.  It's the only way I can guarantee being in when the postman calls.

The other day I was buying a book for work which came highly recommended by a cover-staff worker (a graduate of the dubious science art of psychology).  I became saddened at the sight of that one lonely small item in my shopping basket.  As a result Brilliant CBT was forced to make friends with two Star wars RPG Saga edition sized source-books! 

Look at their yummy shininess!  In all I think probably prefer d6 Star Wars (the 1st ed with tweaks), for it's general epic ethos and ease of adventure creation -but the production values of the Wizards, is just excellent.  Actually in some ways the d20 version is very accessible in it's own way, but I never felt right about 7th level stormtroopers (white armour stormtroopers should be 0-level blaster-cannon fodder, period).  Back to production values.... for myself, these hardback books are reason enough to keep at least some roleplaying games in book form (if anyone was ever suggesting that ebooks or PDFs should eliminate the need for the dead tree variety - although I wish that printers came with binding equipment...).

In a way, Rebellion Era is (edit)  supposed to be* "proper" Star Wars, or it's more fashionable to say "classic" Star Wars? ;) - However, it's filled with expanded universe strangeness like those TIE Tank things - which are just wrong.  Galaxy at War seems to be more about using military in the RPG game across the different settings.  But what am I saying?  I've haven't them yet!

*Edit: I think a legacy of games like Battlefront, the Dark Forces series and the books/graphic novels have had a major influence on both tomes in terms of vehicles, races and professions - which makes me sound like a bit of an out-of-step settings-prude - but then I guess the very basics were covered in the SW Saga core book. 

The squarish shape is great for browsing through, like a coffee table book - which like a coffe table book, has lush colour art on every other page, whilst also being the perfect companion for the Saga edition of the Star Wars RPG.  Of course, being from 2009, these books are so yesterday, published such a long, long, time ago...

Anyhow - here's some photos (only of the covers - ooh, how I tease you) and the empty-my-pocket product links. 

I think Tumblr is getting me into bad habits, because I'm trying to make the photos look arty (not bad for a phone camera ;) )

I've tried to find these products on the actual Wizards home site but gave up after my third search. Pfft.  Apart from the community side of things, Wizards never seemed to push the Star Wars line on their site (in my humble opinion) - or maybe I just discover everything too late?  I find their lack of faith disturbing...

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  1. The books are no longer on the Wizards site because their license expired. They took down all of the Star Wars products.