Sunday, 26 August 2012

Blood & Treasure RPG and Lulu 20% off code

Blood & Treasure
Fantasy Role Playing Game
is out now available
in print and PDF form

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I've just seen that Tenkar's Tavern is talking about John Slater's Blood & Treasures Complete*, and I'm suddenly reminded that I've yet to type up my long overdue review of Tales of the Space Princess (that retro sci-fi dungeon-crawl in space - random comments and links here, here and other places).

I don't have a copy of B&T currently, but I'm a fan of the works of Mr Slater because he understands the friendly power of fast pick-up-and-play dice mechanics - usually with a familiar nod towards older systems.

I really must write proper reviews, instead of just pointing at things ...

*Announcement page in author's blog (inc. links to the different formats)

No September code yet, but the August code is still valid until the 31st: