Sunday, 12 August 2012

Rusty Axe Desert Tomb and SKG 2e Dungeon Encounter Tiles 01

Rusty Axe Dungeon Tiles:
Desert Tomb
Reduced price through
August $2.49 ($4.99)
Rusty Axe Dungeon Tiles: Desert Tomb!  I'm really getting into square tiles these days. This is the second print pack by Rusty Axe - it's compatible with the first and any 1inch tile system you are already using.

The dungeon rooms are nice and blocky with solid walls and enough space to imply mighty architecture or a well dug area. The room shapes are square based which is practical - for they allow for expanded or shortened rooms of the same width. The floor tiles are suitably dusty and coloured with just enough sandy-yellow to infer that it is desert tomb/pyramid environment.

The special gem on the last page is the grid of cut-out sarcophagi, a well, skeletons, thrones etc. Ideal for those desert tombs adventures - possibly also applicable to Indy Jones contemporary pulp style games.

A nice little set.

2e Adventure Tiles: Dungeon Encounter 01
Today I'm also drooling just a little over Skeleton Key Games's 2e Adventure Tiles: Dungeon Encounter 01
They're a good-quality easy-to-use set (no fiddly layers) - good value for $3.

The art is clear, textured, detailed with just a hint of a tribal magic design and yet generic enough to resemble a part of any dungeon setting.  Since the 80s I've always preferred floor plans where the grid is actually part of the flagstone design - it always made the environment more "immersive" visually speaking - which is exactly what we have here.  The 6-inch tiles, with wide margins, should print well on any printer without any need for rescaling.

The individual tile layout is specific -usually an entrance on one side and an open area on two sides- so that a large room area is always created with four tiles- but tessellations mean that many compelling layouts are possible.  The inclusion of stairs and transitions between  levels is a nice touch.  Perfect as an encounter environment or "just-passing-through" on your dungeon crawl.

Nice work.  Very professional.  Good value.

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