Wednesday, 1 June 2011

I'm selling a Sorcery! Box of Gamebooks on Ebay

Very quick post.
10 day auction starting now selling 2003 Wizards Books' Sorcery! box set.
May relist if not sold.  I will accept Paypal or diamonds, maybe gold fillings.
Certainly not the oldest books I've tried to sell to date, but I'm sure they'll be loved by someone somewhere.

Between you, me and the web, I much preferred the 80's covers to the Sorcery! books but these definitely have a charm if you're collect Wizard/Icon Books' "Series 1" (where they did silly things with the numbers on the spine.)
If you're into shopping for slightly older Fighting Fantasy (and Lone Wolf) gamebooks, feel free to browse my Second Hand game books page:

For newer editions, check out my aStore gamebooks page (just to see what FF books look like these days) ;)
Thanks for browsing. Plug ends.

Other random news that's me-focussed:
I now have an page, so that there's a whole load of social network stuff in one place (Facebook links, Livejournal, Deviant Art and all that...)  I still haven't succumbed to Twitter.  *ponders*

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