Friday, 3 June 2011

Rules Upgrade for Star Wars WEG (d6) RPG 1st Edition

He's holding a ... thermal detonator!
*Deafening clatter of 10 six-siders hitting the table*

In a sudden pro-active moment of procrastination I've scanned in the SW RPG WEGd6 Rules Upgrade Sheet (4 pages).  I'm posting this because I'm guessing that many people may have copies of the original Star Wars Roleplaying Game by West End Games (first edition rules), but some folks may not have had access to this errata "rules upgrade" pamphlet brought out almost immediately after in 1988 and stuffed into the back of most of the scenerarios.  This is prior to the editions which move into the Expanded Universe, but still use WEG's d6 based system.  This was long before WoC SWRPG which perhaps influenced d20 Urban and arguable the more recent D&D editions, but that's another story, for another universe...

To be honest, I'm partly posting  for Brutorz Bill of Green Skeleton Gaming Guild because he'd acquired that lovely first edition of West End Game's Star Wars Roleplaying Game -hurrah!- see his entry here)  I just thought it should shared with the world as well.  I'm guessing this pamphlet makes it onto Ebay a lot less than those durable hardbacks. 

Rough page scans of SWRPG WEGd6 1st ed Rules Upgrade PNGs

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