Monday, 6 June 2011

Publishers Green Ronin Seek (part time telecommuting) RPG Developer

Via RSS Feeds and Fb the word on the wire is ...
Dressing like as
a green samurai
or ronin is not
...or is it?

Green Ronin Seeks RPG Developer

Green Ronin is looking for a part time RPG developer to join our award-winning team. A developer's duties include the following:
  • Work with the team to set schedules and deadlines.
  • Help concept new books and PDFs.
  • Develop manuscripts so rules, ideas, and presentation are up to Green Ronin standards.
  • Contract and work with freelance writers and editors.
  • Write text when needed.
  • Coordinate playtesting and implement feedback for your projects.
  • Prepare art orders for your projects.
  • Proof products after layout but before release.
  • Promote products with developer's journals, previews, and the like.
  • Support released products with a presence in our forums.
  • Represent Green Ronin at conventions and to the media.
Our ideal candidate has both design and development credits in the RPG industry and at least 3 years of experience. This is a part time position (10-15 hours a week) and it does not require relocation to Seattle so you can telecommute. Since you'll be working remotely, you must be well organized and self-directed.

If you are interested, send your resume to
In your cover e-mail please tell us what makes you a good candidate, and which of our lines you'd be most excited to work on. We will discuss salary requirements during the interview process.

Be sure to mention Adventures & Shopping when getting into contact with them.  Actually, don't do that, it may go against you... *grin*

"Well organised and self-directed"?
Oh well ...
*drags CV/resume back to the Recycle Bin*

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