Wednesday, 22 June 2011

TME Mall of Doom, IA Demon Chamber, Fields of War

>> EDIT: July 2011: Mall of Doom is now out - buy the PDF on DriveThru. <<

Fans, customers and subscribers of Outland Arts' The Mutant Epoch RPG have been treated to a preview of the latest 136 page campaign adventure book, The Mall of Doom.  
The quality and quantity of output of William McAusland's art is truly awe-inspiring.  Mutant Epoch is also a really great game to boot - it's in my eyes the game Gamma World should have become (The Mutant Epoch RPG - PDF on DriveThru). 
Check out the art.
(If the link doesn't work at least subscribe to the Outland Arts feed.)

Perspective mock-up (made in GIMP)
of Inked Adventures Encounter-
Lairs 1 : Demon Chamber
In terms of personal projects I'm still hitting some snags with the first Inked Adventures: Encounter Lairs pack.  Each pack contains  a hand drawn room or area floor plan with printable figures.  Hopefully the little lessons being learned mean that the following three packs will be polished and published a lot quicker.   The figures in this pack are designed by Moss Games

I'm hoping to bring this set out immanently on RPGNow/DriveThruRPG pending my blaming of different computers, crashes, the day job, and bad personal time management, too much time spent on blogs and Facebook for example .... ;)

Check out this cool advert graphic for Inked Adventures I knocked together. It's like the 90s never happened. 

See the Inked Adventures page for links.

Playtesters Wanted!

Jagged Jaw at Fields of War has asked me to put a shout out for play testers for his war torn campaign world. I can't tell you much more about what sort of a system the game uses, but Mr Jaw is writing a lot of cool background blurb and will send you free rules if you want to participate. So pop over to his blog and hammer him with questions!  Jagged Jaw is clearly very creative, if not a little unhinged. ;)  You have been warned!

Ooh, it's Wednesday.  (Tries not to sneak off to Evil DM's blog...)

Thanks for reading. - Billiam B. 22.06.11

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