Sunday, 5 June 2011

Lovecraftian Space - new and old

I've been enjoying browsing through some of these utterly insane future horror settings. The Wildfire range of CthulhuTech products is particularly intriguing:

Naturally, the combining of the space-faring monsters of those 1930's terror tales with futuristic sci-fi is not such a bizarre idea. In fact the lonely existentialism of travelling through vast vacuum, trusting delicate lives to the godless Laws of Physics.  It must almost be a relief to discover that the universe is populated by alien uncaring gods. It's lonely in space. People make strange decisions when left naked, exposed to the enormity of the universe, they turn to any thread of logic or belief, whispering rune-chants into their comms, the circuitry itself imbued with energies driven by the ancient maths, the lost knowledge ...

And the demons, they feed on the flailing doubt in the massive dark ...

Actually, that's why these games is so much fun to read! :D

All this reminded me of my first ever purchase of White Dwarf, Number 54, back in 1984 (which will make some of the grognards scoff at my lateness at joining the game). ;)  Amongst other scenarios for AD&D and yet more rules for Rune Quest, it contained this curiosity: The Last Log - set on a  distant planet in 2244AD, using Chaosium's Call of Cthulhu rules - employing elements of Mythos as well (okay, it has a temple and a Star Vampire, but that's good enough for me).  It was partly a demonstration of the versatility of the skills system in Call of Cthulhu.  The figures in the photos are 15mm, so aimed perhaps at Traveller and Lazerburn fans at the time (although 25mm sci-fi seemed rarer in those days), but at the heart of this scenario is the infamous Sanity Check, which a resourceful Traveller referee would have to adapt to an equivalent in the GDW Traveller rules. 

I'm going to post this gem here, just as jpgs and not a PDF and hopefully the royalties police won't come after me.  Well not until I've finished drawing this salt circle on the ground....

So put away those shotguns, and zip up those e-suits.



Hope you enjoyed that. Cool photos, even the Space:1999 toys look fab.

But it's little consolation ... when you have to prepare for the end...

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