Monday, 28 February 2011

Your Games Now - March 4th is GMs Day - Price Reductions

Hot from the press from Your Games Now:
March Fo(u)rth for GMs Day!

GM’s Day is coming Friday, March 4th! The Game Master is a critical part of a roleplaying game, and every so often it's important to acknowledge that fact. One way to do that is by observing GM's Day, a once-a-year event to honor Game Masters.
Expeditious Retreat Press is celebrating GMs Day by offering 50% off their old-school 1E Advanced Adventures line, 50% off their 1E monster book Malevolent & Benign, as well as 50% off the entire line of the post-apocalyptic Sorcery & Super Science! role-playing game.
Tabletop Adventures is celebrating GM's Day by offering a 25% discount on all their electronic products from now through March 8th. They invite you to check out their various lines of useful products, and pick out a few to make life easier for your Game Master.

Thanks for shopping at Your Games Now and happy GM's Day!

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