Saturday, 12 February 2011

Bargain maps and battlemaps on DriveThru

Here's some stupendously cheap tiles and floor plans products recently released on DriveThru.

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From Red Pub Games.  A printer friendly bargain freebie with doors. Every game needs an inn!
Generic Inn

For a moment I thought this might be a setting for fantasy role-playing, but the presence of a piano reminds us that this is suitable for gothic horror (... quoth the Raven?).
This is a fine showcase example of the Dunjinni Map editor, but for those not wishing to purchase the editor, or those in a rush, it's a bumper bargain battlemat. :)
Nevermore Manor

I'm not an expert on the Untold system, but I know a bargain when I see one (1USD reduced to 75cents at time of typing). Many of these, very easy to assemble, minis and counters would be perfect for non-humanoid encounters in fantasy and sci-fi RPGs. Especially appropriate for novice modellers. Dramatic art. Colour and greyscale options. Good quality.
Untold 2-D:
L'na Starter Set
($1.00) $0.75

Original location.  Black and white - very printer friendly.  Ideal for on-the-hoof encounter planning!  Good value.
The Spiceworks

 These tiles represent a a good starting point for the more civilised or below-urban dungeon, with crypt, library, wooden tunnels. These in combination with the river pieces would make it ideal for smuggler intrigue. Nice details. Incredible value for money from Ennead Games.
Dungeon Tiles:
Rooms and Corridors 2

STOP PRESS: This gem just in ...

Good quality computer art, well balanced colours, lots of details. A generic rustic inn suitable for many settings. The set includes a roof as well as well as the two floors plus a small basement (to connect to a large underground map, perhaps ...) The overview maps are an added professional touch. A quality bargain!

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