Friday, 18 February 2011

A Wealth of Fantasy Fonts

Every once in a while you need a really interesting font for a players' hand-out.  My personal choice for sci-fi and fantasy fonts is the Dafont website - especially good if you want a look of a specific film title.  Many of the fonts are free, but be sure to read any license details before using in a publication.  Generally most of the designers are happy being credited or just notified.  Naturally, reselling the fonts is verbotten.

It's a very straight-forward site with downloadable fonts for Windows and Mac.   You can search by theme or name.   Two useful categories for gamers are Sci-Fi and Medieval.   Many of the more dramatic fonts are superb for use in titles, but not to be recommended in main document text - but experimentation may be the key here. The only problem is having to choose which fonts you prefer. ;)

Click Thumbnail for "Sci Fi" Fonts
Click Thumbnails for "Medieval" Fonts

Random book recommendation (I got mine from Tesco's before Christmas, but these are on Amazon) 
For a fun light read on fonts with photos and illustrations: 
Just My Type: A Book about Fonts on Amazon
- Just My Type: A Book About Fonts on Amazon UK

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