Friday, 4 February 2011

Bean! The D2 RPG

Bean! on DriveThruRPG as a PDF download
(and BW book)

Where have you bean all of my life?

A-hem, sorry...

This was an absolute bargain for such a complete and yet open ended system (A mere $2 at the time of purchase, that's like about two spanners and a bit in cockney - £1.20ish).
BEAN! is an easy-to-master, rules-lite, d2 RPG system, [...] from the Fabled Worlds RPG game system! Perfect for introducing new players or children to the hobby, BEAN! is also great for veteran gamers who enjoy flexibility in their rules.
Using beans, pennies, or perhaps bits of card, its suitable for secret play at the office (the clearly work-shy author claims) - because the boss doesn't see you throwing dice around. 

Worth it for the adventuring bean illustrations alone!
Wonderfully compact and well written.

Bean! D2 RPG Paperback on Lulu

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