Saturday, 19 February 2011

Dungeon Brawl (Rusty Axe) - opening doors with axes!

This flash game is a real must for fans of Gauntlet or any single player top-down 2D dungeon games. It's fast and brutal – just like the games of yore, where death makes you a fast learner!

Arrow keys or WASD movement plus Mouse for aim.

Get keys, open gates -which allow access to stairs and lower levels; get gold to buy temporary aids like arrows, potions and shields, with which you can survive and destroy monsters. Gold is mostly acquired from chests. So far in my game (a handful of levels in) I've found that the best pay-out comes from the destruction of spawn points which satisfying explode with coins.

There's some proper 'Argonaut skeletons in the second level onwards, along with some nasty spell throwing demons (think “Imps” from Doom I).

For a flash game the graphics are rewarding, with lush atmospheric dungeon floor backgrounds, whilst still playing like a traditional 2D game. Map graphics are employed by the Rusty Axe's Dungeon Demon map editor (I shall resist plugging my own printer friendly art-pack for the Dungeon Demon editor -click-)

Click for screenshotProgress is recorded through a log-in account – with a “Resume” play which will take you to the dungeon level you have reached. Resurrection can cost coins.

The only problem I have with this game in the high price of the health potions, because I suck at play!  But this won't be a problem for most gamers. There's an auto-buy setting for health potions which can really suck down your gold total. The voice-over booms “POTION GOOD”, as he guzzles them back whilst fighting off the hordes. It's beer really, the more drunk he gets, the better a fighter he feels, perhaps?

Click for screenshotIf you fancy a gold coins top-up, perhaps when taking turns with friends during an evening in, purchasing 500 coins might not seem so much – just like shovelling in a handful of quarters (do games in the US still accept “quarters”?)

All in all, a very pleasant distraction exploring different dungeon levels with a friendly barbarian fellow who opens doors with his axe.

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