Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Space Hulk on a budget? Printable sci-fi plans

I keep meaning to post some pictures of the exquisite printable fantasy buildings being produced by Fat Dragon Games and Dave Graffam Models (perhaps in the next post), but I am being distracted by these lubbly smexxy sci-fi plans (wipes drool off screen and keyboard).  The only question is ... can I afford more printer ink? ;)

Again, I find myself wondering, with jealousy, whether or not my own Inked Adventures line will ever produce such science fiction yumminess?

Both of the following sci-fi sets are modular -but are not square "tiles".  They can be used with foam card or whatever you like to mount your printable plans onto, I usually use card or thick photo paper.

Space Base (1inch Grid)
From Paper Make iT
This set is really well made and good value for money. Beautiful crisp effects. Easy to cut up with many different possible layouts. Perfect for a sci-fi crawl shoot-em-up (Aliens colony base?), possibly adaptable to other genres - spy/superhero, zombie infested hi tech refinery, even an alien fantasy dungeon. Many linking features. I like the completeness of this set - all-in-one fun, rapid assembly.

Click for large view of a possible layout
Also check out the bundle deal:  Space Base + Expansion for $5.40
Other products by Paper Make iT on DriveThruRPG

Star Station Zero Basic Set
for 15mm play on DriveThru $5.00
Preview on description page
Publisher Art Gun has debuted with this gorgeous set, Star Station Zero, which can be assembled in many different ways.  The art is stylised photo-metallic along the lines of industrial heavy-tech sci-fi sets.  One plus to this set is the 3D block wall dividers and obstacles which transform open room sections.  Also included are some very cool doors which demand that players make pneumatic swishing noises!

A very fine and adaptable set.  I'm looking forward to see what Art Gun come up with next.

Note: this set has a 20mm grid which favours 15mm figure gaming.


  1. Two sets in the works are a grungy "Junk freighter" set to compliment SSZ, and a modern/pulp horror set.

    Thanks for the review, love the inked adventures stuff too!

  2. Excellent! Looking forward to the new sets. :)