Saturday, 18 June 2011

Gateway Drug Day

The red around the edge on the metal stamp
is seeping from the crushed head of a retailer
who refused to give away free samples
on this most sacred of all days

The Frugal Will Not Be Saved!

Hi, I'm going to be away from the hive mind net on Saturday (tomorrow - seeing David Tennant in Much Adout Nothing in London, thought I'd drop that in to torture the Doctor Who fans with, although I'll be suffering because I've seen too many Shakespeare plays in my life and did Drama at degree level, oh-god-please-god-kill-me-it's-in-80's-dress-kill-me-now...) but I promised myself I'd post something for Free RPG day.  Priorities. :)

Remember, that like all entertainment industries and cults, that it's important to get friends, lovers and family hooked by offering them tawdry trinkets.  I'm proud to specialise in "tawdry".

My previous post regarding the run up to Free RPG Day:

All of the FREE products EVER (currently) on DriveThruRPG

Since I'm a fan of the very cheap and free I have quite a long list in my head of free complete fantasy systems I'd recommend to new and jaded players alike, these are but a few (with magic hyper-active-links):

Make mine Basic! (and "free")
Basic Fantasy RPG (retro-clone),
Tunnels and Trolls free rulebook,
I've never played it, but
Warrior, Rogue & Mage is fun to read, wonderfully resourceful.
I'm very in love the economic completeness at yet the familiarity of
Swords and Wizardry White Box (a simulcrum of the Original D&D experience, basically d20s, d6s and no thieves - but you still get a good meal).

There's others I should mention - so many really well written D&D clones, but for now BFRPG and SWWhiteBox should suffice!
Also if you like solo game books Stuart Lloyd is packing a few home-written adventures on his site.

In terms of tawdry, not-quite-the-full-thing free samples, which is what you come to expect on promotions' days, I'd be foolish to pass up the opportunity offering up my own Inked Adventures Free Sample Pack (although I must say it's not as printer friendly as the actual Basic Pack product), there's also a free stand-up door and the odd free room.  Tell you what, just visit the store on DriveThru

For networking links to Inked Adventures on this site go here:

That's enough for tonight, if you need free dice as well, just Google "dice" or something.
No, wait! Try this ...  Go to McAusland ("Mutant Epoch") Studios: Printable poly dice! :)

FREE!  FREE!  All FREE!  It's madness I tell ye!
(Lunch not included, cos there's no such thing)

Actually, the whole thing is a big trick, no really.  It's all free - but at what cost?! ;)
It's a Capitalistic conspiracy!


Happy F.RPG.D!


  1. Thanks for the plug BilliamBabble! I enjoy Tunnels and Trolls and retro clones. I haven't got Swords and Wizardr yet, but I'll download it.

  2. My pleasure, dude.
    With so many free things on the net, how will the capitalists survive!?