Sunday, 29 April 2012

Stock Art: Trolls (or orc and troll) playing an RPG -Inked Adventures

Self-promotion ...
Man, I'm feeling guilty for not producing more floor plan packs more quickly, so I'm peddling scribbles again.

Cross-posted to the Inked Adventures site and IA blogger.

New stock art for use in publications – available at DriveThru, RPGNow and Wargame Vault.
Currently $3.50 for files and rights usage in publications


  1. I should get some of this to illustrate my trollish blogs.

    1. I reckon the chap on the right is a very Tunnels & Trollsian Troll. Now wait a sec, they're only using d6s... ;)
      I'm honoured by a visit from the granddaddy of so many trolls! Thanks for commenting.
      (Loving the NZ pics btw)