Thursday, 5 April 2012

New/Free/Popular/Intriguing Games on DTRPG / 30yrs of FF

 New / Re-released
Game of Thrones, Game
of Thrones, Game of
Thrones. Unfortunately,
I've haven't seen the
TV series or read the books yet,

Free / Recommended
Savage Insider, for the
Savage Worlds system.
Great teeth, class act all around.

Intriguing / Random
I'm on a Metamorphosis Alpha
kick atm so this generic
system scenario by Mr Ward
has caught by beady eye...
To buy or not to buy

- Stupendously Popular -
You love the One Ring game.
It's your precious.
You may want this as well...

Nostalgia -Indulgent Purchases
(because the 80's never really ended)

- currently reading -

So far, I have the only PDF versions but I am considering
buying the book versions from FGU directly.
It's just a shame they're not sold in boxes any more!

Recent random thoughts:

I've been scanning in some pictures from Dicing with Dragons which Russ (Fiend Folio, Fighting Fantasy, Fabled Lands et al) Nicolson  is actually posting on his own blog!  Once I've got all the scans to together I'll post them here as an ongoing tribute to one of favourite line-art artists. *fawn*
 -I get all worshipful over Russ Nicholson and Liz (T&T) Danforth.  Maybe it's an "old-school" thing ;)

Mentioning Fighting Fantasy - this month SFX Fantasy magazine are running an article celebrating 30 years of Fighting Fantasy, but if you want the real low-down on all things game-booky, check out the Lloyd of Gamebooks blog for his April AtoZ challenge.  I should (rather bashfully) mention, that amongst writing celebrities, that yours truly might be appearing in the K entry regarding collecting FF books which somehow links with "kleptomania"?  - No wait, I didn't steal them all!  I sometimes even sell them:  ;) 

Okay, I'm off to bed, to read about ninjas and fusion guns... 

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