Sunday, 29 April 2012

Fantasy Adventures for Kids (JEN Games)

$3 on DriveThruRPG

This a great little introductory game, with plenty of replayability.  The chibi art and cut out figures is cool idea, very suitable for younger players.

  My only problem is that the game is peppered with modern gaming terms where "powers" are "activated" and I'm not entirely convinced that always  having a final "boss" monster makes the game more accessible to console gamers.   However, it could be argued that this language makes it an ideal intro to modern games (CCGs and DnD4 etc)  What works for me is encouragement for the dungeon master to be creative with puzzle rooms.  

If I was to play it with newbies of any age I would simplify and drop some of the character powers, and perhaps make the boss monsters a little weaker, but other than that it looks like a real blast.

Well presented, great value for money. Fun all around. :)

(Tried to post this from an iPad as an experiment but I'm finding that you just can't beat using a proper PC!)

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