Wednesday, 4 April 2012

April 2012 Lulu code 20% off books and ebooks

20% of ebooks and printed books on Lulu in April.
219335_Primary - the best alternative
to printing them yourself.... ;)
Remember that RPG rulebooks and adventures hide in the "Games" section!
Use Code:
-Which takes you to the "Publish Page" for some bizarre reason - click on the "Buy" tab. Stop creating, buy, spend, consume!
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  1. Thanks for that - used it to get the T&T Fight On! special at a discount. Cheers!!

    1. Excellent!
      I must mention Fight On! more.
      I'm adding your scrummy new blog to one of my public feeds (probably Feed List 4 where the Ts live - long story - big limitations on blog rolls mean I have to break them up)