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$25 (£15) Charity Bundle Wayne Foundation

More downloads than you can handle!
The 2nd Annual Wayne Foundation Charity Pack
Available only from 4th May -18th May 2012
When I read things like this, I want there to be a Batman in the world, but at least the US has the Wayne Foundation and other charities "who are committed to fighting human trafficking, child prostitution, & child sex exploitation one victim at a time by providing individuals with a safe home environment that will empower them with the tools they will need to stop the cycle of abuse."

Charitable cause aside, this is a very uber-packed bundle.  Hats off to the Onebookshelf sites for running these donation based products.

It's worth having a little browse through the titles as these bundle packs often contain more than a few sweet surprises. :)

RPG Titles

Imperfekt Gammes
    Invulnerable – the Super Hero Roleplaying Game
Dilly Green Bean Games
Robert Bohl Games
    Misspent Youth
Naked Hobo Productions (G. Buettner)
    Mistrunner Core Rulebook
Buried Without Ceremony
    Perfect Unrevised
Wicked North Games
Melior Via
    Hope Prep #0: Orientation (ICONS)
NDP Design
Gypsy Knight Games
    Quick worlds #17 – Tal’Kalares (Traveller)
    Quick Worlds #18 – Era (Traveller)
    Quick Worlds #22 – Minerva (Traveller)
    Quick Worlds #23 – Ararat (Traveller)
Soultaker Studios
    Adversairies: The Triad (G-Core)
Evil Hat Productions
    Spirit of the Season (FATE)
Chaotic Shiny Productions
    Arcane Flavor (4e/GSL)
Adamant Drakon Freelance Production
    Dynamo RPG
Brent P Newhall’s Musaeum
    Dark Sun Adventure: The Dark Festival (4e)
    Stronghold Adventure 1: Goblins of Summerkeep (4e)
    Stronghold Adventure 2: The Hobgoblins of Ravensport (4e)
    War in the Deep (4e)
    City of Talon (4e)
Jon Brazer Enterprises
    Book of Magic: Signature Spells 1 (Pathfinder)
    Riyal’s Research: Traps (Pathfinder)
    Legendary Factions: Common Factions 1 (Legend/RuneQuest)
Ally Nauss
    Social Observance
Quinn Conklin
    Falcon Academy (Toys for the Sandbox) Exclusive
    Enter the Shadowside
Secret Fire Games
    The Secret Fire
Open Design/Kobold Quarterly
    Kobold Quarterly #17 (Pathfinder/OGL)
Purple Duck Games
    Random Encounters Remastered (Pathdinfer)
    Purple Mountain 1:  Temple of the Locust Lord (Pathfinder) (my review)
Christopher Helton
    Dark Corners (FUDGE)
Troll in the Corner
    Argyle & Crew – Adventures in the Land of Skcos
    Argyle & Crew’s Little Book of Big Ideas
    Mi Gato se Incendia! (My Cat is on Fire!)
    Mirkmoot I & II (Pathfinder)
    World of Aruneus – Contagion Infected Zombies (Pathfinder)
    World of Aruneus – Orcs!  (Pathfinder)
    World of Aruneus – Herbology (Pathfinder)
Posthuman Studios
    Eclipse Phase

Also included are ...

Cate Dean    Rest for the Wicked: The Claire Wiche Chronicles Book 1
Christopher Bunn    The Tormay Trilogy
Tristan J. Tarwater    Thieves at Heart
Dave King    Betrovia
Benjamin Gerber    Breakdown at Pervert Park

Ashe Rhyder    Three original character pieces

Since many of the above products are available for sale individually on DriveThruRPG, it may be worth copying and pasting any titles you're curious about in the search box here:

$25 USD / £15.48 GBP /  €19,1  (mainly PDF downloads)
Limited time offer: 4th May -18th May 2012
DriveThuRPG and RPGNow

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