Thursday, 26 April 2012

Fighting Fantasy for iPhone and iPad price drop

Last chance to buy Fighting Fantasy for iPhone and iPad.

Fighting Fantasy titles on for iPhone and iPad are now 99 cents per product (59p) in the Apple App Store. This may be due to Big Bubble no longer having a license or something, but I barely believe anything I read online these days. ;)  The point is that these Apps are now super cheap.  With dice rolling graphics, coloured-in illustrations and thumb-fanning parchment page effects, these are possibly the best way to play gamebooks without needing a pencil, eraser or dice.  Also, for those of us in the UK, since the Kindle editions of the Fighting Fantasy books are only for sale in the US, this is one of the few ways to read FF on a tablet - or an iPad, to be precise (sorry Android users).

The following links will take you to the US iTunes store - but hopefully you'll be bumped to the page of your locale / and correct currency.  According to the blurb, we must buy them now before they vanish forever!  :o  Failed Luck Test!

Warlock of Firetop Mountain for iPhone and iPad,
See Mr Nicholson's work in COLOUR!

This snippet of information was courtesy of the
Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks Facebook page and Technology Tell

If you like the idea of Fighting Fantasy on a tablet, you may be interested in purchasing the Kindle editions (US only - Lord knows why).  - See also this post (where I was amazed at how many of the CYOA books were available in electronic form)

Amazon (US) widget with Fighting Fantasy Kindle Titles:
 (which naturally will not display on an iPad because it uses Flash. pfft - Android users now cheer...)

Deathtrap Dungeon on Kindle:

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