Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Just Out: Into the Fray Core Rules (Moss Games), CoC Wasted Land on iPad (Red Wasp)

Very quick post.  I should be finishing some map composites and oh-em-gee it's February already! :o

Into the Fray - Core Rules (Moss Games)  In this set, which currently free (Free? The fools! Free I say!) you receive beautiful stat cards, a primer, rules, tables, template markers and everything you need to play this tabletop fantasy war-game (not bad when compared to Warhammer).  No, wait: "... in order to play Into the Fray you will have to purchase at least one (if not both) of the faction starter packs."  Naturally, if you like Mr Mossman's figure style you can buy the potentially massive army packs - or just go for the price reduced bundle straight away (on DriveThru).

His figures are colourful, original, well shaded, packed with poise!
Keep checking in with this publisher, he'll be one to watch for new figures gaming products.

(Incidentally Inked Adventures showcased some of his Woodwold Boskers figures in the  EL3 Forest Ambush pack)


Quick shoot the Bosh!  By Jove, since when did Jerry have tentacles?  We need need more Tommies!

Out this week on iPad, it's World War I and the Cult of the Awakened are up to their dirty tricks again.  In the trenches there's more than just armed johnny-foreigners ...

This strategy based horror for mobile platforms, has been launched for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (hopefully out for Android soon).

I'm still only on one of the early levels, but already I have learnt the usefulness of a pigeon, when in need of artillery.  Yes, that's right, a rifle, maybe a bayonet and ... a pigeon - oh yes, I'm so ready to take on those cultists and monsters!  I think arcane magic will be added to my arsenal soon, by the gods, I hope so ...
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Screen shots:
He just wants a cuddle
The Faithful Will be Eaten First

Wasted Land by Red Wasp
(iApp Store)

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