Thursday, 23 February 2012

If you don't act now I'll squish 'im!

I can't believe I'm doing this.  I was going to post about that new Marvel Supers game, and obscure rediscovered manuscripts for Empire of the Petal Throne.

But no, wait, I have something much more important than that: I've entered a competition on Deviant Art and I'm now selling my friends for votes (no, wait, that came out wrong).
Look, it's sick really.  It's a "Cute Monster" competition, and well, I sometimes draw cute-ish monsters.  Actually they're all "emotionally distressed", but apparently that can be endearing to chicks and kids...
Hey look it's a red t-shirt - it'll be like voting for the original D&D red box (honest...)
Just go there, click on "I'd wear this" and we'll call it quits okay? and I'll never mention it again.

Vote now or I'll turn the monster who posed for this into orange paste.
(Actually, all of the entries are a real hoot, check them out on Deviant Art)

What is he?  I dunno!
He's got 3 hit dice and no Save vs Self-Esteem or something.


  1. Please - make haste to make this available as a real T-Shirt (preferably in children's sizes, too)!

    1. Hi Greyhawk -
      This one is a bit of an experiment, because Deviant Art allow quite a large area to design across. I still "sell"* a couple of t-shirts on CafePress with this monster in blue. - Although, come to mention it ... I can't see any children's sizes, eep. Must see if I can fix this.

      *The CafePress mark-up is phenomenal! :o

    2. CP will only allow me to have one Kid's t-shirt at the moment.So for the moment it's white with a blue dinosaur on. :)

  2. I've clicked the favourite and I'd wear this! buttons. IS that voting?

    1. Thanks Stuart! You have done well! This monster will be saved and the others will not be set loose upon you! :)