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Dungeon tiles, chests, blast-doors (Fat Dragon/Forever People/PWork)

I'd hoped to be a bit more balanced in linking to different types of RPG products, but at the last minute usual obsessions tint my shades and  filter out so many titles.

So ... back to printable floor plans and cardboard scenery...

Whilst trying to finish some maps for Raging Swan Press, staying off my new (second hand) iPad and avoiding DriveThru/RPGNow has been a real challenge! -Incidentally on the iPad, I'm leaping from Fighting Fantasy Citadel of Chaos*, Fabled Lands, a bit of CoC Wasted land (see previous post) and the shockingly addictive Dungeon Hunter III.
*Strangely, the FF titles with embedded combat system are not on Kindle yet in the UK, despite some US releases (The Citadel of Chaos Kindle/Amazon)

 Back in random bargain PDF download-world: four products leapt out at me this week:

 EZ Dungeons Expansion Set 8 by good old Fat Dragon Games has become an hottest/platinum-seller, and it's a no-brainer to see why.  It doesn't matter what type of figures or scenery you use, chests, barrels and boxes will embellish any style of dungeon (or inn, forest etc) and you can never have enough of them!

My own Inked Adventures experiments with simple chests and boxes can be found in 3D Furniture for dungeons  (mirrored post on blogger) Proceeds from that set go to DWB/MSF charity.  having clumsy hands I rarely like my 3D models to me much more sophisticated than boxes. (Product page on DriveThru) I'll be honest, mine down have lids which open - but they might be faster to assemble and have that home-grown hand illustrated look. ;) (okay, who am kidding ...?)

Into The Pit 5 - Doors, Gates and Portals  (from Forever People)  I'm extremely intrigued by the art here, because the designers been brave enough to employ 3D-as-seen-from-above doors (I get immensely excited about top-down perspectives - I blame the graphics in Atic Atac! Something, again I try to do in my own Modular Dungeon Basic Pack)

Fantasy Tiles: Dungeon (PWork Paper Wargame)  These look great and I'm guessing that they work in a similar way to the old Dungeon Floor Plans - where the pieces are trimmed to represent as close as possible the dungeon in the DM's notes.  Which I find myself having to explain to players who believe maps for minis should only ever come as square tiles or otherwise drawn on a battle-mat, which is fair enough - but they're missing a trick.  Also, it's really important to remember that these sets are re-printable, so you can assemble, glue, move sections around, and re-use small bits.  With this is mind I'd print on to firm card (-stock) and not foam-card (as is the fashion) - unless you're using exactly the same dimensions for rooms and corridors in every dungeon.  They'd probably look fabulous when lain on a black cloth / flock or sugar paper.  Again, this is advice applies for anyone using my own sets - or maybe I'm projecting here, since I haven't actually used PWork's tiles in play.  If you're new to this chop-n-change style of plans it's time think outside of the square tile and beyond the tessellatory geomorph! ;)

From the same publishers are these nice looking industrial sci-fi Aliens/Space Hulk style plans: Wargame Scenery Starbase Sector
Check out also the seriously cauterised version: Abandoned Sector.
For 28mm figures etc.  Set to "overwatch"!

Whilst we're on the subject of chopping up dungeon tile flavoured cardboard I recommend that the more discerning DMs take a look at Kev's Lounge Dungeon. There's sweety freebies there!

Wow :o 
A whole post and I never mentioned SOPA (which confused the heck out of me... using the net was like walking into a house where some of the lightbulbs had been stolen in protest ...), ... or any recent world events...  Prince William is in the Falklands ...?

No, wait, I wanted to talk about those 1st edition AD&D reprints, which is surely one of the first signs of the apocalypse .... [[ OUT-OF-TIME ]]  *static*

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