Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Classic not camp! +d12s: Thousand Suns RPG (Grognardia Games)

Thousand Suns: Rulebook
from Grognardia Games

PDF and hardcopy on DriveThru
(and RPGNow)
My printed copy has arrived! It's C-format hardback - which is a really portable size - looks incredibly like a school book sci-fi text. Also got the PDF on the iPad. (Well worth the $30)

Thousand Suns in PDF and handy sized hardback format
[ Edit: 9Feb12 Photo added]

At the moment I'm mainly buying games to read -and what a great read! Well fleshed out background ideas based on the classic 50s-70s "Imperial" theme, whilst providing a vast open setting to develop and explore. Very informed, with literary quotes scattered throughout.

Strangely enough, I haven't read half enough books from that period, and my concept of "Space Opera" was more based on Star Wars, so it's refreshing that the game is presented as a "straight" setting, without the camp Flash Gordon associations, so prevalent in some retro-sci-fi games.

Given the choice between playing this and my GDW Traveller, I would choose this, partly because the fast play d12 mechanics provide a broader probability range with more opportunities for modification (see the previous review for a brief description of the d12* system) But also because I love the feel of rolling two d12s. ;)
Two shapely
required :)

The presentation is incredibly slick and professional, with a high standard of illustrations, consistent with the classic sci-fi theme, whilst the starships have a plausible clean hi-tech look.

The section on Esperanto took me by surprise! :) This is an optional extra will entertain dedicated fans lovers of the genre.

James Maliszewski is a master of game and gaming culture observation (I'm a fan of his Grognardia blog). It's great to see those skills channelled into this game.

It's also a "complete" system. This rulebook is pretty much all you need.

If you're curious... just go for it.

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  1. I love his set of Rules! You are right, it is all you need to play.

    Shadow, Sword & Spell is a 'fantasy' version of the rules and for a twist, Colonial Gothic 2nd ed, is a beautiful Colonial America setting with horrors!

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