Wednesday, 15 February 2012

February Geek Love Rules Sale on DriveThru

I really blew it this month by not getting around to making my lady-friend a card for Valentines, and I'm not sure that Dungeon Bastard's Valentine'sD&D E-cards quite express the appropriate sentiments. ;)

There's only a couple of days left at the Geek Love Rules sale, but if you miss that, we've intercepted a reduction code which will stay true until March 14th.

Get 20% off the following titles when you use this code at checkout on RPGDrivethru

Aruneus Bundle Troll in the Corner - Part-Time Gods Third Eye Games
A Peculiar Pentad - Savaged Super Genius Games - Ultimate Dice Tower 2 Fat Dragon Games

(Code expires: March 14th, 2012)

So go on, spread the post apocalyptic zombie dragon love!  

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