Friday, 23 December 2011

Fantasy Clip Inks Magic Items Set 2 (Outland Arts)

Very quick, almost random review... In the middle of wrapping presents, postponing little projects and wondering how long I can get away with sneezing into my sleeves...

Fantasy Clip Inks: Magic Items Set 2 (by Outland Arts)

This is a really splendid downloadable PDF pack of 33 black and white line art .tiff files from talented artist William McAusland. The art will work well as specific items or as an RPG rule book interior filler art. Wands, potions, crystal ball, weapons - all could be employed as paragraph or chapter dividers. This is also perfect for a dungeon master who likes to prepare treasure for his players in "hand-out" card format.
The sharp lines and high contrast mean that these images are well suited for all black/white printing.

If you're a writer or publisher, this pack is good value for money, bearing in mind the potential these images have in transmogrifying you manuscript into a professional and beautiful product!

Enough of my pandering praise.  If fantasy clip art is your sort of thing it's worth a gander, okay? ;)

Mr McAusland and Outland Arts also publish the fab Mutant Epoch RPG, (TME Rulebook on DriveThru) for which I keep promising myself I'll post some characters up here, because the PC generation process is fast and fun.  Another time, another time.  Preferably before the apocalypse.

Peace and "Snow in Africa", or something. :)

Billiam B.

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